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Software Testing Automation

Qualified software testing is a key factor of your product’s business success. Having helped numerous products to achieve competitive production-grade quality, ClueMind's defines software testing automation as the most reliable and productive software testing approach.

Test automation by ClueMinds ensures:

  • Improved testing efficiency
  • reduced testing cost
  • faster testing stage
  • consistent and accurate results
  • minimized manual operations
  • minimized impact of human factor

Qualified software testing automation is a proven approach for gaining faster and more consistent business benefits from your product

Faster time-to-market
Faster time-to-market

ClueMinds’s highly qualified and well-coordinated team of test engineers can quickly establish all the necessary processes and run them with the help of our proprietary PyTest and robot automation platform

Reduced cost of automation
Reduced cost of automation

Achieved via ClueMinds’s proprietary ready-to-use test automation platform

Competitive quality
Competitive quality

Assured through our experience of launching the products of global high-tech businesses in Telecom and Computer Networking